Advanced Hall Magnetic Sensing and Measurement in Industry and Physics Laboratories

Dragana Popovic Renella Dragana Popovic Renella SENIS AG, Switzerland

Dragana Popovic Renella

SENIS AG, Switzerland


Hall magnetic sensors are used for contactless current sensing, linear and angular position and speed sensing, for example in hybrid and electric vehicles, robotics and other industrial applications. They are also used in Magnetometry for magnetic flux density measurements related to quality control, R&D and medical applications.

The magnetic sensor market is continuously growing (USD 6 billion by 2025), of which Hall effect sensors will continue to hold the largest sensor market share, focusing on 3D magnetic and speed sensing as well as the related magnetic sensor ecosystems.

The first 3D Hall sensor based on Vertical and Horizontal Hall elements was invented by R.S. Popovic in 1995. Since then, it has been improved by the leading sensor providers. Recently, SENIS under the lead of R.S. Popovic optimized and patented a new generation of Vertical Hall elements and the corresponding sensor families of 3D Hall sensors, magnetic angle sensors, magnetometers and current sensors with unique performances.

The new SENIS® 3DHALL sensor is applied as position sensor as well as used in magnetic measurement instruments. This 3D Hall sensor is the world’s most compact sensor with the unique spatial resolution of 100um x 100um x 10um for 3-axis, combined with a high magnetic resolution of 1um.

SENIS® FAMAS is the first fast and accurate magnetic angle sensor based on two vertical Hall elements and on direct angle to digital format conversion. The disruptive patented algorithm, which is implemented in this sensor, includes an innovative servo loop control system. It allows an angle sensing at rotary speeds 0 to 400’000rpm with an angle resolution of 0.08° and fast response of 0.6us. FAMAS has been successfully applied in high-end robot control applications and it received the AMA Innovation Award 2020.

In this presentation, I will reveal some novel concepts that led to the paradigm shift and increased performance of Hall based magnetic sensors. Furthermore, I will briefly introduce some advanced magnetic measurement applications in physics laboratories and industry applications.


Dragana Popovic Renella is cofounder and COO of SENIS AG, Switzerland, a member of the Board of Directors of Sentronis, a SENIS’ company and she is a Swiss member of IMEKO TC4. Prior to cofounding SENIS, Dragana worked for ETH Zurich and Sentron (acquired by Melexis). She holds a MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), a PhD in Technology Management from University of Novi Sad and she performed an executive education in Marketing Management at SDA Bocconi Milan. Her company SENIS received the AMA Innovation award and the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission. Dragana is a co-inventor of a SENIS magnetic angle sensor patent. Dragana has published work in peer reviewed journals, e.g. in the journal “IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement”, “Measurement”, “International Journal of Management Science and Business Administration”, “Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing”, “Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences”, “Technisches Messen”, “Acta IMEKO”. Dragana proposed, organized, and co-chaired several special sessions e.g. at IMEKO World Congress 2015 and at IMEKO TC4 2017, and she gave several plenary talks at international conferences. Dragana is elected Symposium Chair of IMEKO TC4 2023.

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